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Commonwealth Sambo Association President’s Cup 2021

Finally we are able to announce that the Commonwealth Sambo Association President’s Cup is scheduled for Saturday 14th August in Dumfries, Scotland. Full details will be released shortly.


HRH The Princess Katarina
Vasily Shestakov, President International Sambo Federation.
Michael Wynne-Parker,President Commonwealth Sambo Association.
Robin Hyslop, Chairman Red Star Sambo,Scotland.
The Provost of Dumfries.
Maurice Allen, MBE.
William Bortrick.
Alexander Korsik.
Alexander Kuznetsov.

Commonwealth Sambo


The 2019 President's Cup was held on Saturday 21st September for the second time at the Seven Towerrs Leisure Centre, Ballymena, Northern Ireland. Teams participated from around the Commonwealth and in addition from Holland,France and Russia. The Commonwealth...

Commonwealth Sambo


Due to the Covid 19 pandemic there will be no President' s Cup this year. The next one is scheduled for JULY 31st in Dumfries Scotland . The 2022 Presidents Cup will be held on the last Saturday of July in England.



The Commonwealth is the intergovernmental organization of 53 independent member-states working together in the common interests of their citizens for development, democracy and peace. The Commonwealth is often described as a ‘family’ of nations and peoples, in which countries with diverse social, political and economic backgrounds are regarded as equal in status. The sense of family is most apparent in the wide network of societies, institutions, associations, organisations, funds and charities which support the Commonwealth.

The 53 member countries are: Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Botswana, Cameroon, Canada, Cyprus, Dominica, Fiji, Ghana, Grenada, Guyana, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Kiribati, Lesotho, Malaysia, Maldives, Malta, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Nigeria, Namibia, Nauru, New Zealand, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda, St Vincent and The Grenadines, Samoa, Saint Lucia, St Kitts and Nevis, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Seychelles, Sierra-Leone, Solomon Islands, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago, Tuvalu, Tonga , Uganda, United Kingdom, Vanuatu, Zambia

Commonwealth SAMBO Association was founded on March, 20, 2012 as a non-for-profit organization to work in partnership with International SAMBO Federation (FIAS) on the promotion and development of SAMBO in The Commonwealth. Lord Reading was the first President 2012-2015.
Barbados Sambo Federation Barbados Sambo Federation
President Paul Holder
IndiaSambo Federation of India
Chairman Suresh Gopi
Botswana Sambo Federation President Willie PaulineBotswana Sambo Federation
President Willie Pauline
New Zealand Sambo FederationNew Zealand Sambo Federation
President Johan Boshoff
Nauru Sambo FederationNauru Sambo Federation
President Maruan Jimwerely
Ghana Sambo FederationGhana Sambo Federation
President Enoch Aygekim
Antigua and Barbuda Sambo FederationAntigua and Barbuda Sambo Federation
President Phillip Isaac Snr.
Sambo Federation of St.Kitts and NevisSambo Federation of St.Kitts and Nevis
President Tija Stanley
Guyana Sambo and Combat Sambo FederationGuyana Sambo and Combat Sambo Federation
President Carwyn Holland
Jamaica Sambo and Combat Sambo FederationJamaica Sambo and Combat Sambo Federation
President Daniel Chako-Willmont
Singapore Sambo AssociationSingapore Sambo Association
President Parga Singh
Sri Lanka Sambo FederationSri Lanka Sambo Federation
President Kithsiri De Zoysa
St. Lucia Sambo AssociationSt. Lucia Sambo Association
President Jim Xavier
Cyprus Sambo FederationCyprus Sambo Federation
President Marios Andreau
Sambo Federation of England Sambo Federation of England
President Colin Carrott
Sambo Federation of ZambiaSambo Federation of Zambia President TBA
Australian Sambo FederationAustralian Sambo Federation
President Vladimir Belonogoff
Seychelles Sambo FederationSeychelles Sambo Federation
President Monique Athanasis
Sambo Federation of Scotland Sambo Federation of Scotland
President Robin Hyslop
Sambo Federation of PakistanSambo Federation of Pakistan
President Imtiaz Ahmad Fahim
Cameroon Sambo Federation Cameroon Nanbudo Federation – National Sambo League
President François Mbassi
South Africa Sambo FederationSouth Africa Sambo Federation
President Vintcent Redpath
MUMauritius National Sambo Federation
President Lalita Balkissoon
TrinidadTrinidad-and-Tobago Sambo and Combat Sambo Federation
President Jason Fraser
Tonga Sambo AssociationTonga Sambo Association
President Lenny Niit
Sambo Federation of Belize Sambo Federation of Belize President TBA
Sambo Federation of WalesSambo Federation of Wales President TBA

Advisory Council

HRH The Princess Katarina

HRH The Princess Katarina


Michael Wynne-Parker

Michael Wynne-Parker



Maroius Andreu



Monique Athanase



Mark Ayre



William Bortrick



John Clarke



Jason Fraser

Trinidad & Tobago


Robin Hyslop



Francois Mbassi



The Marquess of Reading

Hon Life Member


Kitsri De Zoysa

Sri Lanka


Karl St.John

Northern Ireland


Colin Carrott



Suresh Gopl



The President’s Cup

Background of the President’s Cup

The President’s Cup was launched in London in 2014 to promote SAMBO both within the Commonwealth and wider world.

The first President of the Commonwealth Association was the Marquess of Reading who presided over the first event in London 2014. The second President’s Cup was in Manchester 2015. Michael Wynne-Parker succeeded Lord Reading at the 2016 President’s Cup in Edinburgh and presided over the fourth President’s Cup in London 2017, and the fifth President’s Cup in Ballymena, Northern Ireland.

The prestigous trophy “President´s Cup“  was designed by Timur Kabukaev and manufactured by his company Jewellers of the North who generously donated it to the Commonwealth SAMBO Association.

So far athletes from the following countries have competed:
France, Germany, Russia, Spain, GB, Trinidad and Tobago, Ghana, Mauritus, Canada, Australia, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Azerbaijan, Cyprus,Kazakhstan, Belorus, Mexico, Nicaragua.


We are delighted to announce that the sixth President´s Cup will be held in Northern Ireland on Saturday 21st September 2019.

Organising Committee


HRH Princess Katarina is the chairman of the organising committee.  Princess Katarina is a member of two Royal Dynasties.  She is a member of The British Royal Family and The Serbian Royal Family of Karagjorgevich.

The Northern Ireland President’s Cup 2019 official committee:

HRH The Princess Katarina
Vasily Shestakov- President of the International SAMBO Federation
Michael Wynne-Parker- President of the Commonwealth SAMBO Federation
Ian Paisley MP
William Bortrick
Mark Ayre
Alexander Korsik
Robin Hyslop
Alexander Kuznetsov
Karl St.John



Michael Wynne-Parker

President Commonwealth SAMBO Federation

CWS Head Office

24 Berkeley Square




0207 7640713

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SAMBO in The Commonwealth